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Upbeat at Philmont Ranch

This past summer I went to Philmont Scout Ranch for a week long backpacking trip with a crew of 6 scouts and 3 adults. The trip was long and tiring and put all of our patience to the test. As the days went by it became more difficult to continue to be a good scout and display the 12 pillars of the scout law. However, I made a point to try to be as helpful and cheerful as I could in order to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone, despite being exhausted myself. Along the way I noticed that the entire crew was doing the same. As a result, camp setup and breakdown each day went quickly and smoothly, and there was no shortage of smiles along the trail as we enjoyed the experience together. Philmont took me on an amazing journey both physically and mentally and I hope that it will continue to do the same to countless more Scouts like me.

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