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Below is a list of our current adult leaders that serve as scoutmasters and committee members. There's always room for more help! Many hands makes light work.

There are many open positions for parents that would like to have a positive impact on our scouts. Use the contact form below to see how you can help! Descriptions of positions can be read here.

Scoutmaster Team

Qingmin Shi, Scoutmaster
Aaron Laird, Assistant Scoutmaster
Peter Barrera, Assistant Scoutmaster
Peter Veloutsos, Assistant Scoutmaster
Aaron Laird, Assistant Scoutmaster
Steven Hauptman, Assistant Scoutmaster
Steve Eppich, Assistant Scoutmaster
Carmine Gentile, Assistant Scoutmaster
Scott Simon, Assistant Scoutmaster, High Adventure Coordinator
Ben Chen, Assistant Scoutmaster
Kenyon Chin, Assistant Scoutmaster
Remington Chin, Assistant Scoutmaster
Phillip Coyne, Assistant Scoutmaster
James Levy, Assistant Scoutmaster
Ivan Orup, Assistant Scoutmaster
John Rotondo, Eagle Coach

Troop Committee

David Varner, Committee Chair
Paul Grous, Chartered Organization Representative
Beth Orup, Advancement Coordinator
Theresa Kuntzweiler, Troop Secretary
Dee Tupta, Service Coordinator
Anne Yazdani, Adult Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator
Nathan Sugioka, Summer Camp Coordinator
Todd Jewett, Merit Badge Coordinator
Scott Fisher, Sudbury Scouting Unit Commissioner
Ojas Tamhane, Recruitment Coordinator
Wendy Heye, Eagle Recognition
Cindy Simon, Fall Recognition Coordinator
Mara Huston, Merit Badge Counselor
Stephen Lanzendorf, Committee Member
James Mabli, New Member Coordinator 
Kiersten Varner, Committee Member
Sunny Morgan, Advancement Board Coordinator
Dan Carty, Advancement Board Chair


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