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Seabase – Becoming a Crew

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Sea Base 2021: 2 crews, 12 scouts, 4 adults. A mismatch of personalities and ages. People who barely knew each other, thrown together onto a 50-foot sailboat for a week. As the oldest scout and the crew leader, I was responsible for leading a group of teenagers and helping them transform from individuals into a team. By putting different members of the crew together to cook dinner or having different partners watch the anchor at night, I aided in successfully gelling the crew together. Our crew became like a family, experiencing and learning new things along the way while getting to know each other more than we ever thought possible. Between pulling in the jib sail, tacking to starboard, and sitting in the airport for almost 12 hours, I became friends with scouts and adults I’d never get to know otherwise.

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