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Scout Law at Seabase

Over the summer, I participated in the sea base high adventure trip. This experience was truly incredible, and really renewed my love for scouting. It allowed me to form new friendships and create awesome memories. One of the ways that I upheld the scout law on this trip was by being clean. Even though it was sometimes painful and tiring, we constantly were cleaning and doing tasks to help the ship stay in good shape. These tasks included cooking and then cleaning dishes, scrubbing the heads (bathrooms), scrubbing and polishing some of the ship, and even cleaning up a ton of blood from the Mahi that we caught. Another part of the scout law that was a big part of this experience was trustworthiness, and being friendly. As a crew we bonded throughout the trip, and the only way that could happen was through trust. Constantly being nice and friendly was also something that I was always doing. Even though usually everyone who went on the trip usually got along okay, being all together on a tiny boat for five days certainly tested everyone's patience. However, by being friendly and patient with one another, we had a truly awesome experience.

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