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  • The troop embarks on at least one troop outing per month during the school calendar year, not including additional high adventure and summer camp experiences during the summer

  • We do our best to work the calendar to avoid conflicts with local school and religious calendars, but occasionally we miss things that might create an issue. If that happens, alert us!

Parent Chaperoning

  • Our scouting program thrives based on the support we get from parental involvement. Outings are most successful when we have an adequate team of adults to support the troop while planning and conducting an outing. 

  • Chaperone expectations:

    • Adult chaperones are required to have an active Youth Protection Training certificate (good for two years). You can take this certification online at We will keep your certificate on file, so please make sure to hand it in to the Committee Chair.

    • Adult chaperones take some part in the planning, especially to coordinate meals with the other adults so that it does not all fall on the SMIC's shoulders. (SMIC is Scoutmaster-in-Charge!)

    • Adult chaperones are expected to drive to and from the event, transporting troop gear and scouts as needed. If you cannot attend the entire event, you must make that known to the outing SMIC.

  • If you enjoy attending outings with our troop (or wish to be more deeply involved in other ways), we have a number of adult leadership positions that could use your help in addition to outings! In many cases, all the additional training you may need can be handled online. The only other difference between chaperoning and being an active adult leader is that our leaders all are CORI checked.

The Outing Experience

  • Outings are entirely selected by the troop PLC (Patrol Leadership Committee). The scouts plan out a framework of what the event year may look like, and then they will work with adult leadership to plan, staff, and execute on the outing schedule. If you have a suggestion for a cool outing experience that the scouts may be unaware of, let us know!

  • We will always attempt to enjoy two nights of camping on an outing (Friday and Saturday) if possible. The scouts have requirements that they need to meet for certain merit badges and other accolades that require a certain number of overnights in a tent. The typical event starts on a late Friday afternoon departure, and return to Sudbury on Sunday morning.

  • Scouts plan their meals with their patrols. They are responsible for committing to bringing ingredients to be shared and used by their patrol. Adult leaders also plan their meals as a group. Generally, Troop 63 adults eat very well on outings!

  • Packing lists for outings are always included in the Troop Permission Form that goes out with the signup sheet. Scouts share troop tents, while adults are expected to bring their own. If as an adult you do not have a tent, you may request one, but tents are reserved first for scouts and will only be lent out to adults if we have a surplus.

  • Scouts may bring mobile phones for communication to parents, but we stress on using these devices only for communication. Gaming, social media and other distractions will result in requests to turn off the device or turn it in until the end of the outing. Parents should refrain from calling scouts while on outings. They need to experience independence and focus on working with their patrols.

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