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The Spirit of Service

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

This year of Scout Tree Sales was a return to normalcy. With no U-Haul deliveries, it was all back to what I fondly remembered. Not only is tree sales the biggest fundraiser of the year, but it is also a great way for us to come together and live the Scout Law. There was a substantial gap between this year's tree sales and the last “normal” one. Since it had been a while, I forgot just how organized and important the preparation phases are with setting up. We were offering up a helping hand to each other which made the assembly much more enjoyable and efficient. With that gap, there were a lot of new scouts that were experiencing an in-person year of tree sales for the first time. Being one of the older scouts in the troop, it was really important to me to show these scouts how to tie a tree onto a car or cut tree stumps since they had never done that before. The biggest piece of advice I could offer to the new scouts was to not only be respectful and kind to the customers buying trees but to also support your fellow scouts and adults working with you. I acknowledge that tree sales are not the most entertaining thing you can be doing on a Friday night, but since you are there you might as well work hard and enjoy it.

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