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Summer Camp 2017

In July 2017 Scouts from Troop 63 Sudbury went to Camp Resolute. Over the course of the week, 15 kids collectively earned 35 merit badges such as orienteering, small boat sailing, cooking, and metalworking. When not working on merit badges, Scouts could be found hanging out at base camp, practicing their bow and arrow skills, or swimming in the pond, including the Polar Bear Swim each morning. Another favorite place of all the campers was the dining hall for its delicious food, and its great friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed ice cream night, the Apache Relay, and our Troop campfires in the evenings. At the end of the week, after all the merit badge classes ended, and the camps were packed up, everyone in camp gathered around for the end-of-the-week flag ceremony and campfire. As counselors sang, acted out skits, and told corny jokes we all sat together, proud of our achievements in the last week. After the campfire ended we all grabbed some food, and then packed into our cars to ride home for a good nights sleep.

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