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Cleaning up the Neighborhood!

On April 12, my family and I decided to do a trash pick-up along the side of Old Garrison, and Boston Post Roads. My mom and I did Old Garrison by ourselves, and later on, we had the help of my two younger brothers. The job ended up taking around 4 hours, which covers the 3 conservation-based hours required to advance to Life rank. When we were finished with the job, my mom and I decided to sort the bags into either recycling or trash. Also, since the job is very gross, we decided to wear skin-tight gloves to protect from anything that could make us sick. We also dressed head to toe in complete coverings to prevent infections, and bugs coming from the woods. This is definitely a job I would recommend other scouts to take part in, as it is great for the environment, and makes you feel good about yourself.

The Old Garrison trash pickup alone took a little over 2 hours to complete. Our plan was to walk along the side of the road, carrying trash bags to collect what we found. Once the trash bag was full, we would tie it up, and leave it on the side of the road to later go by in our truck and collect all the bags. When we found trash that was too large to fit inside the bags, we decidede to leave it next to a trash bag and collect it later with the truck. Once we walked to the end of the road, we decided to double check on the way back, and we were able to collect a lot of missed trash, which we then placed next to trash bags we had prevously tied up. Once the job was finished, we drove down the road and back, and we filled 7 trash bags over the course of 2 hours, from 12:40-2:30.

After a lunch break and some schoolwork, we decided to head out once again to Boston Post Road. This was a quicker job, as it took about one hour to complete, from roughly 4:33-5:39, but we still managed to fill 5 bags of trash. This road definitely had more trash, but since it was a busy road, we were limited as to what we could collect. We had to remain on the sidewalk, but the sidewalk did not have extreme thorn bushes like Old Garrison Road had, so the job went more smoothly than we expected. We decided to split up into groups, so my mom and my youngest brother went to the end of the road and walked back towards us, while my other younger brother and I continued along our original route. Once we met up with my mom and my brother, they would have picked up all the trash ahead of us, while we picked up all trash ahead of them. On the way home, we spotted a big pile of trash, which we also decided to collect. With all 12 bags of trash we collected, we opened up the bags and sorted the trash from the recycling.

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