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Sea Kayaking in Maine

This past weekend, I went on a sea kayaking trip with Troop 63. We had to drive 3 1/2 hours to get to Friendship Maine, where we got the kayaks. I was nervous to go on the trip but I thought it would be fun so I did. We got all of our gear in the kayak and got in the kayak. The guides helped us get everything all set. Then we were off! We had to paddle 3 miles until we got to the island. We had to work against the wind and the current in order to reach our break spot which was another island that we had lunch on. After we reached it, everybody was soaked in water and it was very uncomfortable. We then went to travel another 1 1/2 miles to the island that we were camping on. We reached it and everybody felt relieved. It was hard work! We then set up camp and had free time. I enjoyed skipping rocks into the ocean. After that, we had dinner. We had pasta with marinara sauce. A while after dinner we had a fire. Being warm right next to the fire was nice because it helped you if you were cold. When the tide came up, it put out our fire and it was cool to see it go out like that. We then went to our tents to go to bed. In the morning, we had breakfast which was raw oats. We then packed up our gear and the Troop’s gear and set out to our kayaks. The guides came back and we were ready to go. This time, we took a direct route straight across the water which took about 45 minutes. We finally got back cold, wet, and tired but we had done it! We lugged our gear and kayaks back up the hill and did Roses and Thorns. Lastly, we hopped in our cars to go home. I would recommend doing this again. It was a lot of fun and work. I can’t wait for the next trip!

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