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How I Live by the Scout Law

How I demonstrated “Thrifty”. This summer I worked very hard for two weeks in my father’s shop learning the tricks of the trade (Running the cash register, stocking the shelves, shopping for supplies, storing the refrigerator supplies, cleaning the shop floors and shelves…). When I returned from these work weeks I kept a small amount of my earnings in my wallet for immediate wish-items and cash for trips. The remainder of my earnings I added to my savings account, which I hope to purchase a car when I turn 17.

How I demonstrated “Reverent”. This summer I was a camp counselor for OLOF church camp. I helped to convey to the young children within my team the importance of God and being kind to others as God showed us.

How I demonstrated “Helpful”. In 2018-2019 my grandmother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. After her surgery, she had to be fed by a tube into her stomach. I learned how to set-up the tube so that I could care for my grandmother and help the family. She is doing very well today and can now eat real food. Yeah!

How I demonstrated “Cheerful”. I have decided to wear my cheerful spirit on the outside this year. I have been wearing Hawaiian shirts to brighten up the mood at school as well as a smile. Also,I spread some cheer at summer boy scout camp by singing with Nikko at the campfire. These were some examples of how demonstrated the scout law and oath.

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