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  • Nolan

Adventure at ArborTrek!

I went on the ArborTrek outing this past weekend. On Friday afternoon we left Sudbury for a 4-5 hour drive all the way to Smugglers Notch, Vermont. Once we got to our campsite we set up our tents and went to sleep. The next morning we woke up and at 7:00 we went to ArborTrek. The group that I was in started with the ropes course then did the zip lining later. Many scouts in my group including myself completed the toughest obstacle on the course “The Eliminator”. After the ropes course we ate lunch then went to the zip lining. Zip lining was amazing, we soared through the forest going almost 25 mph on over 4500 feet of total zip lining course. We later cooked dinner and then went to bed for the second night of our trip. After waking up early we left the campsite and drove for another 4-5 hours all the way home. This camping trip was amazing for me I was able to get to know the new scouts in our troop more and I had lots of fun doing it.

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