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White Water Rafting the Kennebec River

This past weekend I went on the White water rafting outing in Caratunk, Maine. We left at about 4:15 from Sudbury on Friday afternoon and got back at about 5:00 P.M. on Sunday night. On Saturday morning we ate our breakfast that was provided by the campsite and then set out for rafting. I went on the Kennebec River and it was lots of fun. The beginning of the river started out with lots of rapids and at the end of it it was calmer water so we could paddle out on a small inflatable kayak. I was soaking wet and the water was freezing but it was okay because the Campsite provided wetsuits for us to wear on the river. On Sunday morning after eating breakfast we did some team building exercises and then did a low ropes course and some rock climbing. Later we set home. I had a ton of fun on this outing and would gladly do it again.

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