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Scout Spirit on the Dead River

One of the many outings that our troop does is the white water rafting outing. Every other Spring, we drive up to Caratunk Maine and go rafting on either the Dead or Kennebec rivers. It is an amazing trip! The rivers are a ton of fun. They offer different experiences to people depending upon how you want to raft. The Dead River is full of constant rapids that will keep you on the edge of your raft while the Kennebec starts out strong but then has a lot of calm water.

The guides at AdventureBound rafting helped make the experience even better. They were super-friendly, and made sure that everyone has fun. While we were there, the guides led us in a bunch of team-building and low ropes activities. These activities helped our troop grow and get together. We learned how to work better as a team and how to get along. The white water rafting trip is one of the best trips that our troop does.

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