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Our Hike at Mount Lafeyette

Last year at Mount Lafayette. I showed bravery, and friendliness while on the hike. I have a fear of heights unless there is something that makes me comfortable like a railing, and climbing up the mountain was a challenge to that fear. So, I became brave and climbed up the mountain willingly with my group. Even if I was very slow, I was with my group and continued. Even if I was tired. I showed friendliness during the hike because whenever my group passed by someone, we jokingly said “Happy Birthday.” Saying this made them smile, even if it was not their actual birthday.

I also was loyal to my group that I was hiking with during the hike. I was loyal to my group because I stayed with my group, and did not break apart from them. My group was also loyal to me because I was slow, so they had me walk in the front, to set the pace, so I did not trail behind my group.

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