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Beach Outing in Onset MA

The last outing I went on was the beach outing. On the outing, we went kayaking, swimming, digging in the sand, and we went around town and had pizza and ice cream. At the pizza place there were arcade machines that we played Pac-Man, Galaga, and some other racing games. Connected to the ice cream place there was a candy store, where some of us bought candy. We also dug a very large hole into the beach where we put a beach umbrella and made it a little fort. For dinner we had hamburgers and hotdogs, and we camped out in the backyard of one of our scouting family. We had a good nights sleep, and when we woke up we had breakfast and walked around town for a bit. We stopped at a drugstore where some people bought stuff then we kept moving through the town. We passed a tattoo parlor and we made a joke that we should all get troop 63 tattoos on our shoulders. Overall it was a good outing and we had a lot of fun.

This was the first outing I served as quartermaster, and luckily there wasn’t too much gear to assign. I assigned some cook kits, water jugs and tents and there wasn’t too much complaining. There was some trouble when another scout didn’t want to accept a tent because they had already taken one on the last outing, and it was a bit of trouble getting them to take it home with them. In the end they took it, and when we checked our gear, most things went well. One of the tents was wet and smelly, but other than that my first quartermaster experience went fine. It was a fun scout outing and my new position of responsibility isn’t horribly difficult.

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