E-Prep Outing February 2014

The emergency prepardnes outing was as usual, quite exiting this year! As always, it starts out the night before when we are called and told when and where we will need to be for the next day. This year, the location was at Davis Field. After arriving, we hiked up to a small hill, with all the gear we would have in a real emergency. For the first fifteen minutes or so, it was social time. Some of us made hot chocolate, while others talked, or went sledding down a hill. After that, it was down to business.

We learned about safety measures we would have to take, and general first aid tips involving the outdoors, before having some fun. Mostly, this was in the form of racing, with a little twist. In one race, teams of three had to fireman carry a person across a large distance and back, while another was pushing a bobsled with a person inside, across the field and back in the fastest time.

After that, it was everyone’s favorite part of E-Prep. Lunch. Usually in a group of two or three people, we had to cook an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) using the supplies in the kit. Some of the selections were macaroni and beans, Italian pasta with special sauce, or a cracker with peanut butter containing the amount of fat one consumes in about two days. These sound like elegant food choices, but they all look like brown mush. Yum. Mercifully, if you cook and eat an MRE, you get pizza after hiking back to the parking lot with the gear. In all, it was a very fun and successful E-Prep.

Article written by Danny, Published by Noah

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