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Recent News

  • Troop 63 Elections Tonight +

    Today 3/26/2015 members of Troop 63 will vote on their leaders for the next year. Positions to be voted on include SPL, ASPL and individual patrol leaders. continue reading
  • Eagle Scout Inspires Captain America +

    Chris Evans, who plays the lead character "Cap" in Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, says his character was modeled after a Troop 63 Eagle Scout he knew from growing up in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Here is a quote from a recent interview with the continue reading
  • Open House Event April 3rd +

    Troop 63 is holding an Open House for potential Scouts and their parents during our troop meeting on Thursday, April 3rd from 7:30 to 8:45 at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, 160 Concord Road in Sudbury. This troop meeting is a monthly Fun Night continue reading
  • Troop Elections Thu. 3/27 +

    Hi Everybody! Just reminding you that we have troop elections on Thursday. We are voting for all of the important troop positions, like SPL and ASPL (senior patrol leader and assistant senior patrol leader). Patrols will choose their new patrol leader, assistant patrol leader, continue reading
  • E-Prep Outing February 2014 +

    The emergency prepardnes outing was as usual, quite exiting this year! As always, it starts out the night before when we are called and told when and where we will need to be for the next day. This year, the location was at Davis continue reading
  • Ice Climbing in New Hampshire 2014 +

    Ice Climbing this year was different from most years. First, it was different from last year because we did not sleep on a set back ski resort lodge floor, but we slept on a clean floor of a hotel convention room. Yes - we had continue reading
  • Indoor Rock Climbing 2013 +

    Rock climbing was one of the most exciting indoor outings this year. On Friday night, we left Sudbury and go to the the rock climbing gym. The people taking the merit badge left at 4 and the people just going to climb left at continue reading
  • New Troop 63 Website +

    Welcome to the new website for Boy Scout Troop 63 in Sudbury Massachusetts! Our Scouts are busy preparing news articles about some of our recent outings and events. So keep an eye on the News area of our website in the coming weeks to read about continue reading
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